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Voted No.1 by National Geographic

Best Place to Study Spanish in Colombia

Welcome to Toucan Spanish School, listed no.1 by National Geographic magazine in the article 7 of the best places to learn Spanish around the world.

We have 2 Spanish schools based in the vibrant cities of Medellin and Cali. Our survival and travel Spanish focused courses are designed for complete Colombian immersion, perfect for travelers, digital nomads and expats

Whether you're seeking to immerse yourself in the bustling streets of Medellin or the rhythmic salsa beats of Cali, your journey towards mastering Spanish and making unforgettable memories starts here.

Student Reviews:

Johannes ScholerJohannes Scholer
07:27 16 Jul 24
Vanessa EkinVanessa Ekin
11:26 10 Jul 24
I studied at Toucan for 3 weeks with the most amazing teacher Laura. My Spanish improved so much under her teachings and I was surprised with the progress. Laura made the classes fun and she is just a natural and fun teacher who really influences you to not only learn the language, but also about the Colombian culture and way of life. It really was a pleasure to go to class everyday and learn from Laura! I hope to take classes from her again one day.
Francesca ForrestFrancesca Forrest
23:02 21 Jun 24
My husband and I had a fabulous time at the Toucan Spanish School classes in Medellín, and both of us feel like we improved. The classes combined both practicing grammar points that are difficult for non-Spanish speakers and listening and speaking practice. My teacher, Laura, was a fountain of fascinating stories. She'd be telling us legends of various places in Colombia and then stop to explain an idiom for us--it was great. I feel like I made a friend 💕My husband started out with another teacher, Marianna, whom he also loved, and later joined Laura's class.Another feature of the classes is that on Fridays, there's the opportunity to do something different, something Medellín-related--like learning to dance! Laura is also an amazing dance instructor!Everyone at the school also shares tips on great places to eat and must-see spots in Medellín. We loved the experience and highly recommend it!
Yotam BentzurYotam Bentzur
20:16 21 Jun 24
I had such a wonderful experience at Toucan Spanish school!My professors Laura & Mariana were so helpful and went above and beyond to explain everything regarding the Spanish language: verbs, vocabulary and grammar.We also explored the Colombian history and we were given some Spanish movie and series recommendations.Highly recommended to anyone who wants to either start learning Spanish or to improve his current Spanish.
Meg NicholsMeg Nichols
17:38 14 Jun 24
I had a great experience at Toucan School, which can 100% be attributed to the Spanish teachers, especially Wendy. Although they were all fabulous!The only hiccup was it took 4 classrooms to get me into the right level of Spanish being taught. If on the first day you think you might be in the wrong level of class, I would highly recommend speaking with Alejandro or one of the teachers about doing an oral assessment to ascertain which classroom would be the right level (either higher or lower) so you only have to switch once. Instead my experience was they just moved up one level at a time, which was quite inefficient. If I had only been here one week, that would've been a disaster. Luckily I was taking classes for 6 weeks and once I was in the right class, my Spanish improved immensely. My teacher Wendy was INCREDIBLE. I hope you are lucky enough to get put into her class. She taught exactly to my level and was very flexible with teaching concepts I specifically wanted to improve (like subjunctive).
Dorian DuclosDorian Duclos
02:05 13 Jun 24
I spent 3 weeks at the school, following group classes. I dare say that my level has considerably improved during these 3 weeks, from knowing simply the present tense to being able to speak in the past and future tense, + learning a lot of vocabulary and local expressions.I want to thanks in particular my professor Sara for all the progress accomplished.Sara who more than an excellent teacher is an amazing person.
Eoin GartonEoin Garton
21:51 07 Jun 24
I had a wonderful experience over my 3 weeks with Toucan Spanish. After initially being placed in a class beyond my level I was quickly given the opportunity on my first day to switch classes. My new class, taught by Mariana, was a much better fit for my abilities. The class was absolutely wonderful and the highlight of my time in Medellín. We learned a great balance of grammar, speaking and listening skills, all while having fun along the way. The facilities are very clean and well kept, and the school is connected to the Medellín Expats, offering help for almost any issue or question you might have while in Colombia. I highly recommend this school - thank you Toucan!
Doug BryanDoug Bryan
14:25 21 May 24
I started online lessons this year at Bacano to get ready for my trip to Medellin. I considered myself to be at an intermediate level so I decided to go with the private online classes. I learned a lot at this time from my teacher Laura Lopez. I really liked how each week we could learn vocabulary, grammar, conversation, and use technology like computer programs to keep the learning fun. Laura is a fun teacher who is also patient and very knowledgeable. She is easy to talk to and good at getting you speaking which is really important. It’s so useful to have someone that can point out my errors in order to help me develop better speaking skills. I’ve tried to learn Spanish over the years but I’ve never had as much success in quickly improving my Spanish until I started these classes. When I got to Medellin for my trip, I was excited to go to my Spanish classes each day. The facility was super nice and was in a good location. For some classes we could go to locations in the city to experience immersion and practice talking to people in day to day scenarios. It’s easy to book classes on the website and they are affordable and flexible to take according to your schedule.
Devon WalkerDevon Walker
17:56 11 May 20
Ive taken 4 weeks of classes with Stefanie at toucan. Its been a wonderful experience she is an amazing teacher! She is an interested, attentive, patient and fun teacher. Very knowledgeable and flexible as well as diligent. The courses are designed in a very intelligent way to give the most practical use out of the Spanish you learn as well as giving deep technical understanding of the grammar and why it works the way that it does.I found communicating about payment and scheduling very easy. Would recommend anyone to work with Stefanie and toucan!
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Immerse yourself in the true essence of Colombian Spanish.

At Toucan Spanish, our Learn Local © philosophy is at the heart of what we do, merging engaging Spanish language lessons in Medellin & Cali with local cultural experiences, enriching your learning journey.

Our experienced native Colombian Spanish teachers teach practical, everyday, and travel Spanish skills, through our unique locally oriented classes. Beyond the classroom, we extend your education to real-life settings, letting you experience the vibrant Colombian lifestyle firsthand.

Whether you study in Medellin or Cali, our courses are designed to connect you with the heart of Paisa and Caleño cultures. You'll have the opportunity to savor the world-renowned Colombian coffee, indulge in the flavors of delicious tropical fruits, dance salsa, forge new friendships with locals, and practice your Spanish every step of the way.

This immersive Learn Local © approach is what sets us apart, earning us the reputation as the best Spanish school in Colombia.

Toucan Spanish Classroom 1
Toucan Spanish Classroom 4
Toucan Spanish Classroom 3
Toucan Spanish Classroom 2

Classroom Methodology

We teach practical day-to-day Spanish. We understand that your goal is to be able to communicate effectively in real-life situations, making yourself understood and being able to understand others, whether in person, on the phone or texting with your friends. 

Our Spanish lessons follow the guidelines set by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which ensures that you'll progress through levels A1, A2, B1, B2, and beyond. This structured approach allows you to track your progress and effectively develop your speaking, listening, reading and writing abilities.

We have our own curriculum and handouts, so there’s no additional expense to buy heavy grammar books.

Group Spanish Classes

Group Spanish classes offer a dynamic and engaging learning environment, perfect for those seeking an interactive & social language learning experience. Classes generally consist of 3 to 6 people.

At Toucan Spanish, we understand that connecting fellow language learners can enhance the learning process and create a supportive community. Our group Spanish lessons provide the opportunity to learn alongside like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and practice conversational skills in a fun and collaborative setting.

Join in Toucan's weekly cultural and Spanish immersion activities with your classmates (optional).

Note: You'll be given a level placement test before starting to determine your level of Spanish. If you're a total beginner you'll start in week 1.

Study Spanish in Medellin


  • Classes start weekly
  • All levels
  • Monday to Friday, 9am - 1pm
  • 20 Hours per week
  • Cultural activities

Private Spanish Classes

Private Spanish lessons (in person or online) offer the ideal solution for individuals seeking to accelerate their learning process or students who prefer a more personalized experience.

At Toucan Spanish, our private Spanish lessons provide the flexibility to study at a time that suits your schedule, allowing you to balance your language learning journey with your work & travel commitments.

With one-on-one attention from our experienced instructors, you can maximize your learning potential and make significant progress at your own pace.

We usually recommend 2 hours of private Spanish lessons per day. In 2 hours of private classes you'll generally learn the same as 4 hours in a group class. The bonus is that you'll have 2 hours a day extra to study in your own time, practice with locals, go sightseeing or work online.

Spanish Classes Medellin


  • Personalized 1-2-1 Spanish classes
  • 1 or 2 hours a day
  • Usually scheduled after 2pm
  • Customized to your individual goals & learning style
  • Perfect for students at all Spanish levels

Couples Spanish Classes

Couples Spanish Classes are the perfect option if you're studying with a partner, friend or family member and prefer not to be in a group with other people.

This unique learning approach allows both individuals to practice speaking and listening skills together, enhancing their Spanish language acquisition through mutual support and shared experiences.

A standard Couples Class is designed for 2 or 3 people but we can create larger private group classes upon request.

To get the most out of this class type, everyone needs to be at the same Spanish level.

Studying Spanish in Medellin


  • 1 to 4 hours a day
  • Can be taken in-person or online

Language Exchange

& Conversation Club

Join Our 2 FREE Weekly Events to Boost Your Spanish Skills!

Language Exchange:
A vibrant social event where you can connect with locals to practice and exchange languages.

Conversation Club:
An enjoyable, casual setting to practice speaking Spanish, guided by one of our enthusiastic teachers.

The Merli Rooftop Lounge at our Camelot Campus.

Tuesdays 6pm: Language Exchange
Wednesday 4-5pm: Conversation Club - Basic / Survival Spanish
Wednesday 5-6pm: Conversation Club - Intermediate
Wednesday 6-7pm: Conversation Club - Advanced

Both events are free to participate and open to everyone, even non-Toucan students. See you there!

    Studying Spanish in Medellin


    • Both FREE events
    • Open to anyone
    • No need to book, just turn up

    Enroll in Spanish Classes

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