Toucan Spanish Medellin

Our Medellin flagship school is the largest independent Spanish School in Colombia with 14+ classrooms, most with air-conditioning and video projectors. We're located in the main tourism area close to hostels, hotels, nightlife and the best restaurants in Medellin.

We understand that most people need Spanish for travel and don't have 6 months to become super fluent. As such classes at Toucan Spanish are designed to give you the practical skills and confidence to speak from day one. Over the past 5 years we've created our own professional curriculum which we use in Medellin, Cartagena & Bogota.

Learn Spanish in Medellin with in a fun & casual setting and with like-minded international travelers & expats of all ages. At Toucan Spanish classes start every week and you can book as little or as many weeks as you like.

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Learn Spanish in Medellin


Group Class

Classes are 4 hours daily Monday to Friday (20 hours weekly) and you can start on any Monday.

We have small group class sizes with never more than 7 students per class, typically the average is 3-4 students.

Classes are social and it's a great way to meet people. 

Private Class

Private lessons are a great option if you prefer a more personal approach with a course customized to your individual learning style.

Classes can be more intensive or less intensive depending on your preference. 

"Private Group" Class

This is a great option where you and a friend want to have classes together, but not share a class with strangers.

It's like a private class, but just for you guys.

Skype Classes

Classes by Skype are a great option to give you a head start prior to arriving in Colombia. They're also popular for many students to continue their lessons after arriving home from their travels throughout South America.

As the largest Spanish school in Medellin we have classes at all levels. This means we'll never squeeze you into classes with students of different levels.

The Medellin Experience

Daily Cultural Activities

For the complete Spanish immersion experience

In addition to your Spanish classes in Medellin you can participate in our daily activities. With Toucan Spanish you will see more of Medellin, learn more about Latin culture and meet some great people along the way. Free welcome lunch, salsa classes and tropical fruit tastings are all standard with a few surprises throughout the week.

The activity schedule changes weekly and will be explained to you on the first day of class.

Toucan Cafe

Great Coffee & Tours

When you study Spanish in Medellin with Toucan you have the benefit of our very own tourism cafe alongside the school. Enjoy a great coffee before, during and after classes. From here we operate Medellin's best tours with a focus on culture, gastronomy and social experiences. Students receive discounts on most tours.

The Toucan cafe is also the meeting point for Toucan Talk - the most popular language exchange in Medellin. Practice Spanish with locals who are learning English. Join our Facebook group for the weekly update. The language exchange current runs:

  • 6 - 9pm Tuesdays
  • 6 - 9pm Wednesdays
  • 6 - 9pm Thursdays

Activity & Tour Schedule

Here's what a typical week at Toucan HQ, Medellin looks like, showing both school activities (most free) and tours (discounted rates for students):

1pm Welcome Lunch
230pm City Walking Tour

3pm Salsa Class
4pm Coffee Tasting Experience
6pm Language Exchange

2pm Graffiti Tour
4pm Movie
6pm Language Exchange

1pm Fruit Tasting
2pm Moravia Tour
6pm Language Exchange

130pm Street Food Tour
9pm Traditional Chiva

730am Guatape Tour
830am Graffiti Tour
9am Coffee Farm Tour
11am Coffee Tasting Experience

730am Guatape Tour
830am Graffiti Tour
2pm Moravia Tour

Easy Enrollment

  1. Decide your start date
  2. Sign up
  3. Pay online
  4. Take the Level test (if required)