Toucan Spanish Cartagena

If you want to learn Spanish in Cartagena then Toucan Spanish School Cartagena is the logical choice. Our school is located conveniently inside the historic walled city, a magical place where your senses will be overwelmed by the colonial architecture and the hustle & bustle of everyday life.

We provide high quality intensive Spanish classes in Cartagena designed to help improve your Spanish, whilst giving you time to enjoy exploring the historic city. Our experienced local teachers use the same professional curriculum as in Medellin and Bogota, so that you can switch easily between locations. Classes are a mix of travellers and local expats of all ages and nationalities.

Our Spanish school in Cartagena is located in the San Diego area which is close to everything. All classrooms feature videobeams and of course airconditioning. When you study Spanish in Cartagena at Toucan you can also enjoy a range of free daily activities organized by the school.

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Learn Spanish in Cartagena

At Toucan Spanish School

Toucan Spanish Cartagena

Group Class

Classes are 4 hours daily Monday to Friday (20 hours weekly) and you can start on any Monday.

We have small group class sizes with no more than 5 students per class, typically the average is 3 or 4 students. 

Private Class

Private lessons are a great option if you prefer a more personal approach with a course customized to your individual learning style. If you prefer to cover specific topics or reinforce past studies this is a great option.

"Private Group" Class

This is a great option where you and a friend want to have classes together, but not share a class with strangers. It's like a private class, but just for you guys.

The Cartagena Experience

Daily Cultural Activities

For the complete Spanish immersion experience
In addition to your Spanish classes in Cartagena you can participate in a variety of fun daily activities. Free welcome lunch, yoga classes, tropical fruit tastings and cooking classes are all standard with a few surprises throughout the week. The activity schedule changes weekly, on the first day of class they will be explained to you.

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