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If you want to learn Spanish in Cartagena then Toucan Spanish School Cartagena is the logical choice. Our school is located conveniently inside the historic walled city, a magical place where your senses will be overwelmed by the colonial architecture and the hustle & bustle of everyday life. 

In Cartagena our students are mostly travelers looking for a fast introduction to Spanish to help them navigate South America, as well as local expats. Our focus is on delivering high quality Intensive Spanish classes designed to help everyone’s Spanish language goals in a the shortest amount of time possible.

Our experienced local teachers use the same professional curriculum as in Medellin and Bogota, so that you can switch easily between locations. 

Intensive  Group Classes (20 Hours) - Classes are 4 hours Monday to Friday and you can start on any Monday.  On weeks when there is a public holiday, classes are extended to 5 hours over 4 days. 

“Private Group” Classes - If you are studying with a friend, partner, family member etc you can save money by taking classes together. In this situation Toucan Spanish can create a “private group” class specifically for you and your friend/s.

Standard Private Classes - ensure a higher level of individual attention allowing the teacher to customize the course to your specific content requirement and learning style. The classes are appropriate for all levels of Spanish from beginner to advanced. Generally classes are 2 hours a day from Monday to Friday.

Skype Lessons - are becoming a popular option for both those who prefer to have a basic grasp of Spanish before arriving in Cartagena and those who wish to continue their lessons after arriving home from their travels throughout South America.

Spanish Classes in Cartagena

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All enrollments, payments and scheduling of classes in Cartagena are processed from our Medellin Headquarters.
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After taking Spanish lessons in Cartagena why not continue studying in Medellin or Bogota, with the same high quality teachers & curriculum that you know and trust.