Toucan Spanish School

We’re the Largest!

Our Medellin flagship school is the largest Spanish School in Colombia with a total of 14 classrooms and a team of almost 20 experienced teachers available to teach both group and private lessons. Because we’re a large school we have classes at all levels from beginners to advanced. Classes start every Monday.

Medellin, Cartagena & Bogota

In addition to Medellin we’re proud to announce that we have started renovation of a new bigger school in Cartagena. Meanwhile we also have Toucan experienced teachers in Bogota for students requiring private lessons. The advantage of classes in 3 locations throughout Colombia is that you can continue studying at any of the three cities following the same Toucan curriculum & methodology. And you only need to take the placement test once.

The Original & Most Professional

Toucan Spanish School was the original Spanish language school in Medellin with over 7 years of history. We don’t teach from outdated books, we have our own in house curriculum with a large emphasis on practicing in real-life situations. Most of our classrooms feature air-conditioning and video projectors. Toucan’s philosophy is not just about teaching Spanish, it’s about create memorable experiences. That’s why our experienced teachers and staff go out of their way to ensure you get the most out of your time in Colombia.

Small Friendly Classes

Group classes are small & intimate (the maximum is 7 students, but mor often it’s less) giving you personal attention, the opportunity to practice & enough time to have all your questions answered. Our experienced teachers are all young & friendly and keen to help. Your fellow classmates will typically be like-minded travelers of all ages.

Spanish Immersion

We offer a complete Colombia immersion experience. As well as learning about the local Colombian culture in classes we also give you the opportunity to stay with a local Homestay family. To reinforce your Spanish classes we take you into real life environments to practice what you learn in school. Classes are intensive and designed to get you speaking from day one.

Survival Spanish

If you know absolutely zero Spanish but you’re planning on spending a couple of months travelling around South American then the Toucan Survival Spanish course will set you on the right track. Two weeks of practical travel-oriented Spanish lessons with much less emphasis on grammar than our standard course, combined with fun external activities and tours.

Cultural Activities

We offer a variety of cultural activities, free, including a traditional welcome lunch, salsa lessons, language exchanges, football games and volunteering opportunities. You’ll also get to experience the famous Colombian coffee and some delicious tropical fruits along the way.

Convenient Locations

Our schools are conveniently located close to the main tourism areas of Medellin, Cartagena and Bogota with a variety of hostels & hotels nearby. Our Medellin school is located two blocks from Parque Lleras and 5 blocks from trendy barrio Provenza. In Cartagena we’re located near hip Getsemaní and in Bogota we’re in cosmopolitan Chapinero.

Toucan Cafe & Tours

Alongside Toucan Headquarters in Medellin you’ll find the Toucan Café where you have the opportunity to hang out with other students & locals alike. The Toucan Cafe not only serves the best coffee in town, we also have Medellin’s only profesional tour desk where you can book the best tours in Medellin. Our most popular tours include the Medellin Graffiti Tour, the Medellin Coffee Farm Tour and our in-house Coffee Tasting Experience.

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Survival Spanish
Toucan Cafe
Toucan Cafe

There has never been a better time to Learn Spanish in Colombia – the declining value of the Colombian Peso means you get significantly more value for your money!!
TIP: choose a Spanish school such at Toucan that charges in COP and not USD.

Why is Colombia the best place to learn Spanish?

Compare the Difference:

1 week Intensive Group Spanish Course (20 hours)

  • Toucan Spanish – US$ 180*
  • Competitor School – Colombia – US$ 239
  • Escela Spanish – Buenos Aires, Argentina – US$ 300
  • Escela Spanish – Santiago, Chile – US$ 300
  • Escela Spanish – Lima, Peru – US$ 300
  • Escela Spanish – Cusco, Peru US$ 300
  • Academia Uruguay – Montevideo, Uruguay – US$ 245
  • Me Gusta Spanish – Sucre, Bolivia – US$ 215

*Ex rate Jan 2016

Federico - Director Toucan Spanish

Federico – Director Toucan Spanish

Toucan Spanish is the best value Spanish School in South America. Compare our prices with other comparable schools and you’ll see we win hands down when it comes to value.

Remember at Toucan you also get free salsa, free tropical fruits, free cultural activities, football & basketball games, language exchanges, traditional welcome lunch, volunteering and more. We also have our own onsite cafe and Medellin’s most popular cultural tours.

That’s why we’re the no.1 Spanish School in Colombia.” – Federico